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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Ever have one of those aha moments that becomes something? Yea we get it, thats Ninja Tuna. Our name came from one of those ideas, on roadtrip, listening to an album. Paully our founder immediately pulled over in a rural area, 2 bars of mobile service, and registered the domain name. All because of a cool album title that made him smile.  And thus began the journey, from aha to oh yea. 

Digital design

Your Story

Oh you expected an about page to be about us hey.... Well it's about you truly. Everything we do is about you. So your story is our story.

We’re on a mission to create the world’s best web design experience to help grow your business.

We’re best known for our high-quality very custom websites. People also love our unique design process that turns website headaches and overwhelm into website high-fives. 🖐

Meet The Team

Currently a team of one. 

Ninja Tuna exists to help entrepreneurs, creators, and change-makers move things forward - vision to strategy, concepts to creation, and plans to action.

I deliver solutions that inspire clarity, creativity, and change. All because you deserve a website designer that listens, inspires, and partners with you to see you shine.

Let’s face it, you’re awesome and the world needs
to know that. It’s time to realize your potential.

Hey! I’m Paully D and I’m here to help you have the best website you can have. I’m a website designer based in Winnipeg but proudly work with clients around Canada and beyond. Ready to get started on standing out above the tall grass?!


Our Process takes you from Zero to Hero in 2 Weeks

Ready to reach your potential?

Our Clients

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